A N Wallis & Co Ltd established in 1946 is a world leading manufacturer of earthing, lightning protection, exothermic welding and surge protection products. design, site support and supervision services for Earthing & Lightning Protection in accordance with the new BS EN62305, design of Earthing systems to BS 7430 and Local Codes of practice.


    With extensive experience and technical expertise, we can also design and advise on lightning protection schemes to suit your individual requirements. We have designed and supplied materials for projects including high rise buildings, bridges, telecoms installations, towers and stadiums.

    Such is our reputation for high standards that Wallis equipment is used around the world, including the Middle East and Far East, with stocking distributors in key are-as. If you've selected Wallis for structural lightning protection products, why not make us your choice for surge protection equipment too.


    Cu-nnect Weld Metal is a high quality mixture of copper oxide and aluminium, contained inside plastic cartridges which are packed in boxes of 10 or 20 pieces depending on the powder weight.

    The metal retaining discs are contained in a separate