The essence of Cold Shrink technology is its classic simplicity - it moulds round a joint or termination under its own elasticity without the need for special tools or techniques. QTIII terminations offer easy installation and reliable performance when terminating indoor and outdoor medium voltage cables.


    Since inventing the first vinyl electrical tape, 3M has continued to improve tape technology and offers a 3M™ or Scotch® Electrical Tape for nearly every ap-plication. A variety of tapes are available from 3M to meet your insulating and splicing requirements. For example, Scotch® Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape 130C is a highly conformable, linerless,high-voltage insulating tape that provides excellent thermal dissi-pation of splice heat and meets industry specifica-tions. Mastic and rubber tapes from 3M can help provide an effective moisture and environmental


    They are easier to apply and built to withstand even the most punishing environmental conditions. Enhanced performance at a lower installed cost continue to make 3M the preferred choice for cold shrink solutions. 3M™ Cold Shrink QT-II and QT-III terminations are designed using 3M developed track resistant silicone rubber and Hi-K stress control material in conjunction with the unique cold shrink design developed by 3M. 3M™ Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Termination Kit QT-III 7672-S-8 for 69/72,5kV offers a simpler installation.

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