Low Voltage cables are used to supply power to large motors and other industrial equipments. These cables are manufactured for a voltage range of 1kV to 3.3kV for IEC and BS specifications.

    Ducab's range of Low Voltage Cables includes:

    Ducab PVC insulated wiring cables can be manufactured to higher operating temperature using insulation with a special grade PVC customized for client specific requirement


    Control and auxiliary cables both armoured and unarmoured can be offered with a common/overall screen or shield. The screening material is plain annealed copper tape/copper laminate/aluminium laminate as specified

    • Low smoke and low acid gas fume emission in fire conditions
    • Improved fire protection that reduces the risk to building occupants
    • Slow to ignite, burn slowly and most importantly, emit much-reduced amounts of smoke and fumes during fire allowing people to escape.

    In collaboration with DEWA and ADEWA, the new MV / HV/EHV manufacturing facility in Dubai. The factory has been designed to make a complete range of high voltage cables to the highest international standards. The factory capacity will meet the full demands of the UAE to develop the country's infra-structure as well as have potential to contribute to the continuing economic growth of the nation by supplying to export markets. Ducab HV will manufacture single core copper/aluminium con-ductor with XLPE insulation and PVC/PE sheathing up to 2500mm² in voltage range of 66kV to 400kV.