• Copper tubular cable lugs and connectors for all applications

    Tubular cable lugs and connectors from Klauke meet the highest quality requirements and satisfy international standards.Traditional applications are power supply, transportation, trade and industry and building installation technology. We are certified for German railways. We also develop and produce tailor made solutions.

  • Copper compression cable lugs and connectors to DIN

    In project business, customers often request use of standardised materials. Utilities,for example, often specify use of compression cable lugs and connectors according to DIN standards. Klauke offers numerous standard-compliant solutions.

    Contrary to popular belief, DIN cable lugs differ from tubular cable lugs not only in terms of dimensions. Markings and standardised coding specify the number of crimps.

  • Mechanical tools for crimping and cutting

    The diversity of conductor types and connecting material demand a great number of different standards for crimping and cutting tools. Klauke offers the right solutions for all applications.

    All mechanical crimping and cutting tools are made from the highest quality materials, are rust-proof and surface-finished. These products are set apart by their extremely long service life. Unique precision and high quality material guarantee safe and, most important, long-lasting electrical connections. The tools's ergonomic handles and perfected drives optimise transmission of the hand force.

  • Hand-operated hydraulic crimping and cutting tools

    Klauke hand-operated hydraulic tools are the most convenient and safest types to generate precise and high operating forces by hand. The ergonomic design and lightweight aluminium handles permit frequent fatigue proof operations.

    All tools feature a two-stage hydraulic system with fast feed and power stroke when reaching counter pressure. Once the crimping or cutting operation is complete the crimping jaws and/or cutting blades open automatically and retract to the original position – another plus for safety and comfort.

  • Hydraulic systems for crimping, cutting, bending and punching

    Hydraulic systems offer a great number of applications: crimping especially large connecting materials, cutting cables with large diameters or cutting live cables in case of failure. The scope of supply includes drive units, tools, high-pressure hoses and transport aids such as boxes or trolleys.

    Thanks to the various drive types, e.g. with foot pump and/or electric or petrol motor-driven hydraulic pumps there are manyfold solutions for every application.

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