Permanoid Ltd. is one of the UK's leading cable manufacturers, based in Manchester, England. Manufacturer of Tri-rated panel wiring cables as well as offering an extensive range of Equipment wires , Instrumentation cables to BS5308, PAS5308 & BS EN 50288-7 , Speaker cables and many other products. They offer braiding, armouring and sheathing capabilities, with an extensive range of wires and pvc and poly-ethylene compounds.


    Tri-rated cable, also known as panel wire or BS6231 cable. These equipment wires meet the stringent requirements of UK BS6231, UL and CSA. These cables are for use at alternating voltages not exceeding 600V to earth and direct voltages not exceeding 1000V to earth. The conductors are plain annealed copper. They are most commonly used as internal connectors in motor starters, switch control, relay and instrumentation panels.

  • BS5308 CABLE

    BS5308 (PAS5308) & BS EN 50288-7 cables designed to connect electrical instrumentation and communication systems in and around process plants in the oil, gas, petro-chemical industries, power generators and other process industries.

    They may also be used on intrinsically safe circuits. These cables are not for direct connection to the public mains supply.

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