The requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations state that "Every cable or conductor used as a fixed wiring shall be supported in such a way that it is not exposed to undue mechanical strain" . BICON Cable Cleats meet this requirement with the added bonus that they also enable a neat and orderly installation to be achieved. BICON Cable Clamps satisfy all the above criteria, and items are available to suit the most hostile of environments. For example, certain cleats can withstand temperature excursions up to 1000°C for up to two hours.


    BICON (Prysmian) Multicleats can be used for all types of cables routes. They are made using non-magnetic materials. BICON (Prysmian) Multi-cleat bases available as either single or two fixing designs and are also available in a variety of materials and finishes.


    A BICON (Prysmian) multistrap is a strap complete with a tensioning clip, securing pin and winding key all made from highly corrosion resistant non-magnetic stainless steel, they are used as an intermediate restraint between BI-CON (Prysmian) Multicleats.


    Aluminium Two Bolt Cleats 51-159mm Cable Diameter.

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