Pyrotenax is the essential fire survival cable. It possesses a number of characteristics which together pro-vide a distinctive combination of dependability, versatility and permanence, al-lowing it to be used in even the most difficult and demanding wiring applications.


    Pyrotenax exceeds all worldwide fire performance standards by far. It is manufactured, tested and LPCB approved to BS EN 60702-1. The cable easily complies with the most severe BS 6387: 1994 Performance Requirements for Cables Required to Maintain Circuit Integrity under Fire Conditions:

    • Resistance to Fire of 950°C for 3 hours: Category C
    • Resistance to Fire with Water Spray of 650°C: Category W
    • Resistance to Fire with Mechanical Shock of 950°C: Category Z

    This confirms that the Pyrotenax cable is very robust yet pliable, waterproof and fireproof, resistant to radiation and corrosion, non-ageing, being capable of carrying current at temperatures in excess of 1000°C, all the characteristics you would want in a fire survival cable.

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