Raxton are suppliers of electrical thread conversion products for hazardous area and industrial applications. Products include adaptors, reducers, stopping plugs and breather drain plugs.

    Products are Exd and Exe certified. Approvals include SIRA, ATEX, GOST, INMETRO and IECEx.


    Raxton Exd Adaptors provide a means of connection between dissimilar thread forms or sizes. Standard adaptors have a hexagonal body, where space is a critical factor, adaptors can be offered with a round body with a diameter equal to the A/F dimension of the standard item. Raxton adaptors are marked with the applicable approval number and size. Raxton Exd Reducers effectively reduce the threaded entry diameter of an enclosure to accept a gland or fitting with a smaller thread. Reducers may also be supplied to accept smaller glands of alternative threads forms.


    Raxton's comprehensive range of Stopping Plugs are designed to close any unused entries in electcal equipment without revoking existing certification. Tamper proof Plug Type CF, RX Plug Type CB, Hexagon Head Plug Type CK, Dome Head Plug Type CQ, Hollow Hexagon Head Plug Type CY.

    The Raxton Exd Breather Drain is designed to effectively drain moisture from an enclosure, allow air from the enclosure to vent into the surrounding atmosphere thereby minimising moisture build up and provide the explosion proof safety required by a hazardous area environment.

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